Femina Feminae Score Cover


by Gerard Pastor

Published by Boileau Music

Danses Imaginàries Score Cover


by Gerard Pastor

Published by Boileau Music

Marta Urzaiz emergent talent




with original works of Gerard Pastor

Femina Feminae is a project born during confinement by the Covid-19. What we have seen in Catalonia in recent months is that the creators have redirected canceled concerts and projects in a very remarkable creative torrent. This is the case of the composer Gerard Pastor, who explored the possibilities of the only instrument and instrumentalist with whom he could make music at home day after day: the clarinet of Marta Urzaiz. IInspired by very particular conditions, two new works for clarinet and piano were born: Femina Feminae and the Imaginary Dances.

Gerard Pastor awarded composer
most beautiful clarinet sound

This album is the outcome of the musical journey in which I have been immersed these recent months. It personally symbolises taking an important step as a clarinetist, as an artist. It’s the result of a personal and musical journey after a long learning process, many experiences and lots of effort and dedication.


It isn’t a coincidence that I interpreted these pieces in my first project. Both “Femina Feminae” and “Danses Imaginàries” allow me to connect and discover myself. They awaken both feelings of delicacy and intensity in me. Fun, plenitude, tenderness, freedom, mystery, magic, depth or euphoria. These are personal records that I have been able to delve into due to such music. I wish that as you listen to this album, you can feel and discover the same as I.


This is undoubtedly my most personal piece of work till this date. I’ve centred the last few years in composing music for films, interactive books and theme parks. In a natural way, it’s where my tonal language has found some sense in this 21st century.  A meaning that goes beyond my personal enjoyment and that has to do with connecting with other people through music.

But lately, I’ve been having a feeling that certain languages considered obsolete are coming back. And when I present pieces like this, they aren’t rejected because of their tonal essence, as I witnessed a few years back in some academic environments. This frees us composers and it allows us to create a range of possibilities like never before. Adding authors like Debussy, Stravinsky, Falla or Toldrà as referents for an actual language. Don’t you find it fascinating?


New Impressionist Composer


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The possibilities for writing great music are endless. It is not necessary to search for a musical language that becomes too experimental and difficult for a wide audience to understand, even for the performers themselves.

Gerard Pastor demonstrates this again with his works "Femina Feminae" and "Danses Imaginàries" for clarinet and piano. His language is rich, emotional, and explanatory, sometimes thoughtful, sometimes funny.

Therefore, with the soul of a true musician, clarinetist Marta Urzaiz can make the contents and messages of this music her own, with her own voice, character, and instrumental competence.

TOBIAS GOSSMANN, violinist & conductor



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Special thanks to

Albert Mañosa, Jordi Mora, Yolanda Guasch, Bartolomé García-Plata, Josep Fuster, Tomàs Alcaide, Ramón Herreros, Nuria Vidal, Sixto Cámara.

Photography: Raúl Guillamón

Video: Michal Marek, Engin Akyurt, Kelly Lacy.

Translations: Aina Girbau, Charlotte Hales, Judith Morales